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Monday, April 30, 2012

want to be a foodie pen pal?! : month 1 reveal! :

happy monday!
today, i have something really fun to share.

last month, i was lurking random blogs and came across a blog button that said 'i am a foodie pen pal' & of course, i clicked on it.

The Lean Green Bean

you know me. i love food. i love meeting new folks & i LOVE my pen pals.

what are foodie pen pals?
its a program set up by lindsay for folks that want to make new friends & get a fun package in the mail!
you get a pen pal. find // buy // create $15+ worth of tasty treats & send them off. your package comes from someone else, so its like 2x the surprises!

my package came from the lovely aly
i was super lucky that she was so patient & understanding when i sent her a  l o n g  list of non-veg ingredients to exclude.
look at all these goodies!

i received : plantain chips, dark chocolate covered ginger, sweet potato butter, granola, homemade lara bars, homemade raw brownie bites, homemade cookie butter & mango butter.

the brownie bites & the mango butter were my fave. i eat frozen mango most days of the week, so this was a new treat!

we do not have plantain chips at our trader joes, so this was another fun snack. 
also, the sweet potato butter was so much fun. i'd never heard of it before.

these homemade goodies were great for our long weekend bike rides!

and cookie butter? apparently this is a huge deal. i had no idea. but i know now ;)

if you are interested in being a foodie pen pal, head here to check all the details.
[and yes, canada + international folks ; there are spots for you, too!]

also, if you want to see all the goodies i sent to carlyn, head here to see what i sent.
i sent some pretty rad things, if i may say so myself ;)

have a great day, everybody!!
ps : dont forget the *TWO* great giveaways happening.