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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

bikes, books & sunshine : this is what 80 miles of biking looks like

happy tuesday!
did you see the tasty recipe i posted yesterday?
this past weekend was super great. we had TONS of plans & were feeling good.
right now, we are training for RAGBRAI, which is a week-long bike ride across iowa. it is almost 500 miles & its going to be windy & [super] warm. [the ride is at the end of july]
we are following a training plan & should be doing 110 miles per week, with milage increasing each week.
this past week? i did 101 miles. not bad!!

can i share my weekend photos with you?! [please say yes!]
here we go : 

saturday : 
our neighborhood had their annual garage sales ; there were over 100 sales!
sho & i [+ the guys] were up nice & early.
our big treasures?

a water pitcher + filters & shower rings for my new craft display

we also purchased 3 vintage transportation puzzles + a recycling puzzle + a wooden push toy for 'future adopted baby' 
not bad for $11!

we also rode 40 miles [!!] on saturday. we rode on a dirt trail & i didnt bring my camera [for fear of wiping out and breaking the lens] but it was beautiful. it was a trail i didnt know existed. it was 90+ degrees & was so peaceful!

sunday : 
i was SO tired from the bike ride that i slept in until 9:30am!! [that is a HUGE deal!] [even more of a huge deal? blake was up before me! that NEVER happens on the weekends!]

on sunday, our neighborhood had their annual festival.

we purchased 14 books at the library book sale [3 are gifts, 8 are kids books, 1 is an old biking book + 2 vegan cookbooks] [more on all of the books soon!]

we ate [overpriced] mini-donuts

and then rode to another music // cultural fest in the cities.
[this is our favorite pizza place on the planet. they are one of the few 'vegan-friendly' eateries in the cities]

trader joes was at the festival + gave us a bunch of goodies for our bike ride.
[do you see i am wearing fingerless gloves?! it was super cold & nasty in the morning]

 and then for a 38 mile bike ride : 
for this ride, we stayed in minneapolis. we hugged the riverfront & then went around a bunch of lakes.

we sat by the river at our 10 mile mark
*every 12-15 miles, we like to stop for a snack & water break*

biked to minnehaha falls [this is IN the city!][cool, right?]
you can also hike down below. there are a few great hiking trails to the left of the photo.

at mile 23, we stopped at the beach to refuel & watch this cute dog play catch.
blake & i both grew up with bigger dogs & always daydream of the day we can get a house & have two big dogs to bike & play catch with.

science lesson : minnesota is known as 'the land of 10,000 lakes' ; but folks say that there may be as many as 14,000 lakes here!

at mile 36, we rode around another lake with a beautiful sunset view.

fun, right?
the warmer weather & longer days are perfect for long rides & rad photos.
tell me : do you own a bike? 
what biking questions // fears do you have?

see you tomorrow!