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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

: i totally want to make that : week 41 : painted mason jars :

how is your week?!?
between training for this bike ride [110+ miles a week!] & getting ready for a HUGE upcoming craft show ; i have been pretty busy.

if you visit our place [come on over!], i pride myself on using & reusing things we already have on hand to decorate. very rarely do i purchase something for a craft project.

so today?
i wanted to paint some empty glass jars we had around the house.
when we purchase items from the store, we always try to buy glass, not plastic. they are easier to reuse & plastic products make me nervous [chemicals!].

there are tons of tutorials floating around the internet ; but all you need is a glass jar [with a lid!] & some paint.
here is a great round-up of painted jar tutorials!

my jars are different sizes [almond butter, spaghetti sauce + 1/2 pint canning jar]. i used old acrylic paint my grandma passed on to me years ago.

pour an inch+ of paint into the jar. put the lid on & roll it around // turn it upside down.
i left mine to dry overnight [upside down]. if you choose to use them as planters, make sure the paint is safe ; otherwise you will have cute jars + dead plants!

you can paint the lids by hand, with spray paint OR chalkboard paint.
i think i will keep the lids off mine & use them for artificial flowers, kitchen utensils & scissors//pencils//pens.

cute, right?
and super easy.
its a fun way to add color to your home & to reuse items you already have!