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Monday, May 14, 2012

: a smoothie-a-day challenge : the halfway point :

happy monday!
let me tell you : i have been doing so many 'real life' things lately ; that i feel like i am neglecting my blog.
minneapolis is amazing in the spring ; there are SO many things to do & the weather has been amazing.
but, more on all of that later ;)

one of my may goals was to make // drink a smoothie, every day for the month.
i create a board on pinterest FULL of smoothie inspiration.
today, i wanted to recap which ones i have made so far [and my modifications ; in case you are interested]

here we go : 

i took out : NOTHING
i added in : 2tbsp chia seeds

almond butter banana smoothie [ive made this one FOUR times!]
i took out : apple cider vinegar & ice
i added in : 2tbsp chia seeds & extra dash of cinnamon

chocolate chip pretzel shake [i didnt really love this one]
i took out : ice, stevia & protein powder
i added in : chia seeds & squeeze of agave

i took out : soy/hemp milk & ice
i added in : 2 tbsp chia seeds & almond milk

i took out : hemp seeds & spinach
i added : 1/2 cup blueberries & 2tbsp chia seeds

aloha pineapple shake [this one was SUPER good!]
i took out : NOTHING
i added in : chia seeds

i took out : ice

i took out : kiwi
i added in : 2 scoops of chia seeds + 1/2 banana

do you make smoothies?
which is your favorite? send me a link or a recipe & i will be sure to make it!