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Thursday, May 31, 2012

: may foodie pen pals reveal :

hey everybody!
last post of the month.
and what is it?!
last month, i participated in my first ever foodie pen pal exchange. you can read my post here.

The Lean Green Bean

so, this month is my month 2 reveal.
want to know more about foodie pen pals // want to be involved for june?
head here for all the details.

this month, i got my package from cassie.

what did i get?!

all of my goodies came from the native roots market in norman, oklahoma.
cassie included a fun postcard + the store newsletter.

this chocolate was good ; my first time having bolivian chocolate.
we broke it up into tiny pieces & added it to the container of trail mix she sent.

we got a HUGE container of trail mix full of nuts, seeds & raisins. 
whenever we ride, we always bring a container of trail mix along. 
the health benefits + the protein makes this such a rad refuel.

along with the container of ready-made trail mix ; we also got 4 containers of almonds, dried turkish apricots, raisins & goji berries to make our own.
[i am loving the goji berries & apricots cut into small pieces & added to morning smoothies]

plus, three strips of vegan jerky.
blake really enjoyed the texas bbq. 
he bikes 35+ miles a day to work & back, so he enjoyed these as a protein // energy boost.

wanna see what i sent MY pen pal? check out kims blog here.

and if you want to see what everyone else sent // received, check it out here.

i will NOT be participating in june ; but plan to do it agin later in the summer.
if you are interested in making some new friends, checking out some cool blogs & expanding your food horizons, check it out.
[also, you do NOT have to be veg to do this swap]

tomorrow is FRIDAY!