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Friday, June 1, 2012

: june goals & a may recap :

month 6. halfway to 2013!
did may treat you well?
i had big goals last month [TONS of which did NOT get met!] & was a lot more absent in the blog // shop world than usual. you can read about my may goals here.

i am feeling good about june!
we have a bunch of stuff going on!
a visit from my family. a HUGE art show [happening today, actually]. lots of volunteering. a new blog feature. hopefully a *really* exciting announcement i can share! new products. lots of biking [our ride is in 7 weeks!!] and some really cool city events im excited to share!

here we go.
in june i want to : 
1) visit my dad, sister, grandpa & the harkin store [they are all in the same place]

2) go camping!
3) do 30 day fitness plan [biking, strength training, cardio]

4) 30 [more] days of acne treatment [i did this is may & found that my face got WORSE, so this month, we are moving on to 'plan b']
5) read 4 books
6) greenway glow // northern spark // train - bike ride [these are all super fun bike rides happening in the city. i will be sharing photos // results of each ride we do]
7) $______ loan payment // $_______ credit card
8) complete 2 'pass it forwards'
9) shoes // shorts // basket // bike gloves for RAGBRAI [500 mile bike ride in july]
10) make a profit of $_______
11) use old navy gift card [new dress // sports bra // workout pants] & a HAIRCUT [i have a coupon for aveda!]
12) ride bikes with my MOM!

13) take the lake harriet trolley
14) visit the mill city and//or minneapolis farmers market [we have been BUSY every saturday since they have been open ; drives me nuts!]
15) buy a dog carrier // bike trailer // trail-a-bike cart
16) ride downtown minneapolis ; take a photo next to mary tyler moore statue
17) ride the entire ground rounds [50 miles of bike trails ; all in the city. all trails go around the lakes right IN minneapolis]
18) do 400 push ups [13 push ups a night before bed!]

19) volunteer for trail watch 1-4x [trail watch is a volunteer group that patrols the bike trails at night to clean up glass & promote safety]

what are YOU planning for this month?!
[that is SO many goals!]