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Monday, June 25, 2012

cycle stories with adam turman : your bike, your story

happy monday!
did you have a good weekend? 
lets talk about biking + art!!

for the past few years, we have been purchasing local art from adam turman. we have two large art prints hanging up and have tons of small postcards.

most of his work is bikes, babes & minneapolis.
his work is ALL over the city. in bike shops, pizza places & local events. this spring, blake & i met adam and was SO pumped when he agreed to be my june cycle story.

here we go : 

1) Who are you? 
Adam Turman - Illustrator and screen printer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm almost 37, married, 2 daughters, 1 dog, 2 SUVs (one's a hybrid, but really... come on), a fenced in yard, and approx. 23 bikes for the family. Yes, I like bikes.

2) Where do you bike?
Pretty much all over the metro area. I commute 12.5 miles each business day, and throughout most of the winter. I may take a little break during Jan/Feb if it's just simply too cold and the trails/streets are too treacherous. 

Plus I have a great group of riding buddies that go out pretty much every Sunday morning during the spring/summer/fall months. We usually get in about 30-60 miles on our rides. A typical ride will take up on a huge loop or an out and back with a small loop around the cities. We'll go anywhere and are always up for exploring.

Is it bike friendly? 
Yes. We're in Minneapolis. For the most part, my rides are very bike-friendly. I ride in areas that most of the other traffic is aware of bikes. Plus, most importantly I try and act like I'd like a cyclist to act if I were in a car/walkingSignal, be predictable, and friendly. You get more beer with honey... I mean bees.

Are their trails, bike lanes, ect? 
My commute is has approx 8+ miles of dedicated bike/ped trails.

How often do you ride? 
Every day that I can. There's some days when I have commitments that keep me in a car, but I have a Surly Big Dummy [its a tag-a-long bike trailer], and that allows me to haul some pretty bulky/heavy stuff. Plus, we have bike racks on each of our vehicles... so I like to try and meet my wife by bike if we have commitments that occur during my rides, and throw the bike on the back of the car.

3) What tips do you have for bikers? 
Don't be a jerk!
... A coworker once told me to just bring along some wipes, deodorant, a towel, and keep your shoes at your desk and clean off in the bathroom stall, and you're good to go. For me it's 
ideal, but I know this doesn't work for everyone's work situation. 

I also recommend taking all the weight off your body and put it on your bike. I switched from a mess bag to panniers about 4 years ago, and it's so much nicer. I feel much better after a long ride, and my back doesn't hurt as much.

Get a good, comfortable saddle. Adjust your bike's components to fit your body. Make sure your seat height is comfortable in relationship to your hands on the bars, etc. The more comfortable your bike for your body, the more you're going to want to ride. The faster and easier it is to ride a bike, the more fun it will be to ride it, and the more fun it is to ride it the more you will want to. Also remember, you get what you pay for. Bikes can be very expensive.

Where did you get your bike? 
I've got a ton of them. I've bought bikes all locally from places like Cycle Goods (out of biz), Erik's, The Hub, Nokomis Cycle, Hiawatha Cyclery, Freewheel, Penn Cycle, The Alt, the old U of M bike swap. I've done a few trades with bike shops for custom illustration/print/logo work as well.

What bikes do you own?
'85 Trek 520Handsome Devil
Surly Big Dummy
Surly Pugsley Necromancer
Raleigh Sojourn
Bianchi San Jose
Standard STA
'91 GT Tequesta'79 Stingray
Reissued '90s Schwinn Orange Krate
etc, etc...

Do you love it?
I love them all for different reasons.

4) Anything else fun to share? 
Aren't you tired of reading about me yet?

5) Show us a photo of your sweet ride.

fun, right?
i think adam is a great guy & is SUCH a talented artist!
follow him on twitterfacebook, check out his test prints on etsy AND his print gallery here.

would YOU like to be the july cycle story?! id love to hear from you.
if you bike, you are a biker!