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Friday, June 22, 2012

: minneapolis-pantz : week 3 : who doesnt love a train from 1930? :

happy friday!
are you ready for another week off mineapolis-pantz?
need to get caught up? week 1 & week 2.
each week, i am sharing one more *amazing* thing to do in minneapolis.
if you live here, i hope you try out a few of these awesome things.
if you dont live here, i hope this feature motivates you to be more of a tourist in your own town.

blake & i live in a really great neighborhood. when you think of a big city, you dont think of tiny libraries, safe neighborhoods, local eateries & miles of bike trails circling lakes.
we are able to bike & walk almost everywhere. we  m a y b e  drive one day a week [mostly to load up on [reusable] bags of groceries]

one of my favorite things about our location?
we have 2 lakes within [15 min] walking distance. one of the lakes has a bandshell with FREE music each night during the summer.
next to the bandshell?!

this awesome streetcar line. there are three different cars [only one is out at a time]. they are original streetcars from the 1920-1950s. you go into the station [an old wooden building], buy your [$2] token & board the train. you have two conductors, who answer questions & really make you feel like you are in the 1930's. the ride takes about 15-20 minutes.
we were the only two on board, which was fun because we got to ask so many questions.

if you live in the cities, i highly recommend taking the streetcar. its affordable & all the money goes back to keeping the trains restored & in great condition. all the conductors are volunteers who love trains.

we have lived in the cities for almost 2 years now & this was probably one of my favorite things we have ever done here.

do you have an unknown gem in your town?! id LOVE to hear about it.
better yet, if you would like to share a favorite spot of yours [no matter where you live], YOU could be the next minneapolis-pantz post!
send me an email OR leave a comment! [dianapantz[at]gmail[dot]com]