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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

: open call for guest posters! : i am looking for YOU! :

in 25 days [whaaaaat?!], blake & i will be spending 7 days biking 500 miles through the hills, heat & winds of iowa.
[i am sure you are wondering & no, i dont feel physically prepared yet!!]

i have a bunch of really great posts for you this coming month, but would LOVE to have a few guest posts while i am away riding my butt off.

what am i looking for?!
something fun!
*a creative project that involves reusing // repurposing something you already own!
*something related to biking
*something related to traveling // a fun trip // touring your own town
*and maybe a tasty [easy-to-convert-to-vegan] summer recipe.

WHO am i looking for?!
its okay if you have a huge blog.
or not.
or maybe you dont have a blog.
maybe you do lots of guest posts.
or you dont.

i am looking for a couple of posts that teach my readers something.
something that fits with my blogging style // format.
and maybe you have a rad idea i didnt list.
let me have it!!

are you interested?
leave a comment!
or send me an email.