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Thursday, June 14, 2012

: how to set up your craft fair booth : an indie biz post :

earlier this month, i had my very first outdoor craft fair. i wanted to switch things up a bit, so i decided to totally revamp my entire set-up.
i wanted to keep the cost as low as possible [duh!] & repurpose // reuse as many things as i could.

today i will be sharing my set-up tips & easy 'how-to's'

here we go :

my entire set-up. i sold : photo notecards, ponytail scarves, bow ties, babypantz & farmers market totes.
[yes, i now see that my tablecloth was crooked!]

cute welcome sign, right
for the sign : 
i bought a $3 dowel at the hardware store & painted it yellow.
i cut out 3 pieces of cardboard in the shape of arrows & taped them to the back.
used regular chalk to write a few messages.

the base : 
i painted an old coffee can with scrapbooking paint.
placed 2-3 crumpled up sheets of newspaper on the bottom & filled up the can with vintage wooden sewing spools.

my photos!

last year, we bought two shutters at a garage sale for $3. i bought hinges & blake drilled them to create one shutter.
i covered clothespins with washi tape & used twine to hold the photos.

all 'extra' photos went into an old clementine box with some recycled fabric.

ponytail scarves!

i took a product photo of each 'category' [pantz, ties, ect] i was selling & printed the name & price. i then pinned it near all the items.

my business cards : i used an old berry dish [you can find them at grocery stores & farmers markets]
i LOVED how my ties were displayed!

for the bow ties : i used 3 pyrex bowls. i reused packing peanuts on the bottom, then used rocks at the top of the bowl.
to give the booth a 'visual lift', i used a vintage wooden box, covered with an old feed sack.
the ties were in the very center of the table, so they got the most attention, by far.

last summer, i found this frame on the side of the road. i brought it home & gave it some spraypaint.
its perfect for displaying the pantz.

to display extra pairs, i use a wire rack [flipped over] & covered with a vintage pillowcase.

farmers market totes!
another great [affordable] purchase! i bought this towel rack at a garage sale for a few bucks. i painted it with scrapbook paint.
also, i found shower rings for 10 cents & used them to showcase my bags.

didnt it all turn out so cute?!
i also made an easy banner from fabric scraps & i made my name banner with paint chips & sharpie markers.

tell us : 
do you show at craft fairs?
what is the coolest booth you have seen at a show?