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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ten kickstarter projects that can help change the planet : lessons on how to be a good human

happy tuesday!
im going to the dentist this afternoon ; ugh. makes my stomach turn just thinking about it.
the last time i went to the dentist [last fall!], i was bawling in the chair when i saw the assistant set out all of the tools.
good vibes this way, please!!

enough about me ; lets talk about saving the planet!
do you know kickstarter?! its one of my favorite sites.
if you have a cool product // idea // goal, you ask random people to help back your project.
when you choose to back a project, you usually get a cool perk [depending on how much you give!] & you are helping someone, somewhere follow an amazing dream.

blake & i have backed quite a few projects [one that actually took our money & closed up shop. RUDE!] but, i definitely believe in small businesses & dream chasing.

today, i wanted to share my top 10 super cool projects that are still looking for funding.
*most close in a few days ; so if you are interested in backing, i suggest you do it soon! [TODAY!]*
i know that a lot of people always think 'oh, this sounds cool, but i dont have any money.. but that reminds me, i need to run to the coffee shop for a $7 coffee.'
i am such a strong believer in good karma AND the idea that just a few bucks can really change the planet.

also, if you donate money and your project doesnt get backed [not enough money raised], you get your donation back!

here we go : 

1) YES! this project had me in tears. its a dollhouse. but wait, this dollhouse was created by three woman, all involved with science & math. the coolest part? the girls build this house from the bottom up! its totally customizable, which means the builder is in charge. the opportunities are endless. i really, really love this! their donation page is super inspiring. i highly recommend checking it out.
donate here ; backing ends on june 16th.

2) the bike frame handle! it connects to the frame of your bike, to make it easier to carry. its a leather strap, so its not vegan, BUT man, a product like this will really help out the biking community. also, the more money they can raise, the more they can explore vegan options!
donate here [ends july 7th]

3) i LOVE this one! muneca mexicana is raising money to bring her homemade, authentic mexican cooking into storefronts! [some of] her food is vegan friendly. she is based in mesa, arizona & owns a mexican food joint, but wants her food to be available to all.
the coolest part? any donation above $10, she will send YOU some authentic goodies!
donate here ; project ends june 28th

4) KONE coffee filter & brewing system. these smart folks are from portland [not surprised ;)] they created a super high-quality reusable coffee filter [made in the US!] head here to read the entire story ; the product is beautiful.
also, they set out to raise $5,000 & they are already at $85,000!!! think of how many filters they can produce to replace filters that end up in the trash each and every day!!
donate here ; backing ends june 30th]

5) this one is SO fun. misael created this giant beach towel to create a sense of community at the beach. he brings games, water, sunscreen & snacks for other beach-goers. his mission is to create positivity & openness. i love this! he is taking his beach towel on tour along the florida & east coast. the money raised will go towards transportation, snacks, supplies & promotion.
donate here. [backing ends july 6th]

 6) a documentary about living & surviving in antarctica! the man behind this project has been living // working there since 1998. the film would document a year in antarctica from the perspective of everyday workers, not scientists. you can donate as little as $1. $20 gives you an advanced copy of the film.
donate here [ends july 7th]

7) postick! another super clever idea! its a sticky postcard backing. add it to fabric, a photo or artwork & send it as a postcard.
this is quirky, simple & totally creative. and i also love that it encourages mail! i love sending & receiving mail. also, the more mail, the more post offices we can save!!
an $8 donation will get you a pack of 10 cards!
donate here ; project ends june 19th

8) meet chip! chip is a clock made entirely from recycled chipboard! man, you know how much i love recycled materials! if you donate $7-14, you get a set of coasters made from the scraps of the clocks! if you donate $15, you get a clock. there more you donate, the cooler the prizes. and hello, what a fun idea.
donate here ; project ends june 13th!!!!! [they are only $80 away from their goal!!!]

9) another gem out of portland, oregon. they are raising funds to create a social history app for phones. dont live in portland? [me neither], BUT creating an app that teaches residents & travelers about social history is something that could be replicated in all big cities. i would definitely download or pay for an app like this in each city i visited.
donate here ; backing ends june 30th

10) as soon as i saw this project, i was like, 'these folks [also] have to be from portland.' and they are. im telling you, the most inventive & creative folks i have come across have been from pdx!
anyways, kinetic creatures!! cardboard animals with easy-to-put-together parts & a little motor ; so they move!!! what a fun gift or project to promote creativity! they have full gear sets or mechanical turn-handels [depending on which you choose], so they can walk on their own.
$30 gets you your own animal ; anything less than that goes to support this amazing project!
the creators want these animals in youth workshops to promote confidence & building & thinking.
donate here ; project ends june 18th

and a fun perk from ME.
if you back ANY of these projects or any other kickstarter project! [at least a $5 donation], i will give you a 35% off discount code for ANYTHING in my shop!!
once you make your donation, send me an email & i will get you set up!! [dianapantz[at]gmail[dot]com]
*also, there are a few really cute farmers market totes heading to the shop this week!*