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Friday, June 15, 2012

: minneapolis-pantz : exploring my city : week 2 : all-night biking event

hey everybody!
week two of minneapolis-pantz!
what is it? 
well, minneapolis-pantz is a new feature focusing on the beautiful [and super accessible!] things that happen in this great city.
today, i have a bunch of fun photos to share.

last week was 'bike walk week' here in the city. each day, there were different events, happening all over the place.
saturday night, there were two big events. the greenway glow + northern spark.

last week, i talked about the midtown greenway. b & i volunteered for a fun nighttime bike event that happened on the greenway.

after directing bikes, we biked to the river for the northern spark.
what was it?
its an all-night bike event ; started at 9pm & ended at 6am.

there were 200 artists ALL over the city that were doing different art exhibits & installations.
we only stayed til 2am, because goodness knows i cant stay up that late anymore.
*also, because it was dark [hellllo, middle of the night!], i didnt get a lot of great shots of the art works!

yes, he is riding a giant firefly bike!

what a cool thing though, to be outside, on a bike with thousands of other bikes!

for those of you that live in minneapolis, did you attend northern spark this year? what did you think?!
and if you dont live here, have you ever been to an all-night event like this?!

i watched this girl put a firecracker on the back of her bike.
its cute until you burn your butt