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Sunday, June 3, 2012

: the REAL reason i am vegan :

hey everybody!
this post has been weighing on me for some time now.
we all have different reasons for doing different things ; i get that.
*and before we get started ; know that there are a few photos that might spark some emotion. nothing terribly graphic ; but you might not love them*

a lot of folks are interested when i tell them im vegan ; but i think a lot of people think i do it for vanity.
or that its a trend. like, im just a cool hipster with a fast bike, mpr playing on my iphone while i judge folks for eating meat.
or that i am just trying to be really cool // alternative // different.
and with all of that ; i try not to judge.

i really, truly, honestly think that a vegan lifestyle is the best thing you can do for your mind, body, future & family. 
a lot of people think that its too hard // expensive // restricting // stupid, but it really is the easiest // best thing i have ever done for myself.
i am willing to bet that we spend the same amount [or less than] you do on groceries. we eat local, organic [75% of the time] & sustainable.

people think if you cut out dairy & meat, you have to eat salads & nasty 'faux' meats the rest of your life. disagree. my plate is colorful, full of healthy fats, vitamins, nutrients & minerals. no way did i ever eat this well when i was on my own & eating animals. [it also helps that blake is super creative in the kitchen!] heck, i even wrote a darn e-book FULL of easy vegan recipes!

and can we talk about overall health?!
i have so many friends that talk about feeling run down, sleep deprived, no energy, tons of weight gain, full of bloat & cranky.
is that you?
i pinky promise [honestly!] that if you cut out the crap in your diet [DAIRY! & processed food], you will feel like a whole new women [or man ; i dont judge!]
since cutting out processed food [and animals, duh], i feel so much better.
no 3pm crash. no dreaded morning-wake ups. happier, more positive. SO much more energy. and while i dont weigh the lightest i have ever ; i am definitely the healthiest & in the best shape i have ever been.

so, what is the REAL reason i will stay vegan // raise a vegan family // continue to educate folks?
its for the animals!
when i first cut everything out, it was for MY health. i really didnt care about the animals. ive never been an animal lover. sometimes dogs ; never anything else. [my dad is a butcher, remember? i grew up watching him butcher animals & fillet fish]
but now? i read articles // view undercover videos // watch documentaries // read books about the REAL process of animal testing // factory farming & it honestly makes me sick. 

*also, the pictures in this link are pretty graphic*

i dont ever want to guilt anyone into cutting out animal products ; but you are doing yourself [and the planet!] a true disservice if you are ignoring where your milk // eggs // cheese // meat is coming from.

*sidenote ; if you do plan on eating meat // dairy, i BEG you to do your research & buy it locally. call around. find a co-op // whole foods // sustainable grocer. ask questions. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

not only are animals from factory farms treated unbelievably inhumane, they are also PUMPED  f u l l  of chemicals you are then feeding to your partner & your CHILDREN.

i really try to keep this blog rant-free & not super personal, but this is *so* important to me.
we live in one of the most 'available' places in the world.
you really do owe it to yourself & your family to know where your food comes from.

id love to hear your feedback. and, if you are going to leave me a nasty comment [cuz this IS the internet, after all], please leave your email, so i can have a dialogue with you.

also, if you are looking for recipes ; i have TONS on my pinterest board.

thanks for reading, everybody!