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Monday, June 18, 2012

: vegan meal of the week : week 58 : the easiest [and most decadent] dessert EVER :

happy monday!
i hope you had a great weekend ; we did SO many great things.
lots of riding. farmers markets. summer festivals. & picture taking.

the title says it all.
two simple ingredients create a simple, healthy & really decadent dessert.
i made this the other night & it tasted better than any $7 slice of raspberry chocolate cake ive ever had when we have been out to eat!

today : raspberry chocolate coconut ice cream
what you need // how to do it : 

take a few scoops of this
a handful or two of these
and enjoy!

coconut milk ice cream gets softer after a few minutes, so its perfect conditions to mix the berries & cream into an 'ice cream soup' ;)
[ever since i was a kid, i have always mixed up my ice cream into a soup ; i love it!]

if you insist on dessert each night or are watching your calories, this is a great treat!