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Sunday, July 8, 2012

ask a vegan : veganism 101 : 5 tips for reducing your consumption :

happy sunday, everybody!
RAGBRAI starts in just 14 days!! which means, we have at least two super long rides to get in.
the goal for today is a 75 mile bike ride. [yikes!]

today, i wanted to share 5 [EASY!] tips for reducing your meat // dairy consumption [or slowly introducing veganism into your lifestyle!!] [go you!]

even if you are not interested in the vegan lifestyle, each and every one of us can benefit from a cleaner, quality diet.

here we go :

1) buy something new!
better yet, buy a few things. head to the grocery store // farmers market // bulk bins [a local health food store, whole foods, or a co-op is a great place for bulk bins] and pick out 2-4 things you have never tried before. maybe its a fruit [dragonfruit], a veggie [jicama] or a legume [green lentils]. buy enough that you can use that product twice.
maybe you love kale in a smoothie, but not as kale chips.
both this site & this one are really great for vegan recipes.

2) spill the beans!
tell your friends. your family. your blog friends. 500 of your closest facebook acquaintances. make it known that you are eating cleaner // cutting out certain items // adding in others.
we are social beings. and we are motivated by praise. and also, education is key. when you try something new, people are curious. and your ambition to live a healthier life might just be the motivation someone in your life needs to start their own journey.
also, be honest with your friends. answer their questions. share a few vegan recipes with them. invite them to a veg restaurant or your place for brunch.

3) turn that frown upside down.
dont be bummed. you will mess up. sometimes, i mess up. i eat vegan 98% of the time. the other 2% are  times that i cant control my environment or times when i didnt properly read the ingredient list. i dont beat myself up over these things. i am human. i am doing my best to lessen my footprint & to live a great life. if you are making the choice to lessen your impact & reducing your animal consumption ; do your best each day. keep your eyes on the prize. [of course, the prize is to sleep better, have clearer skin, to stop global warming // greenhouse gasses, and to end animal suffering]

4) eat organic.
seriously. this one should be a post on its own [i will do that soon]. organic means NO PESTICIDES. so each & every thing that you are eating [or wearing // rubbing onto your body] that is not organic, means that it has been sprayed with pesticides. apples. strawberries. cotton. wheat. i could go on..
and if eating pesticides isnt a big deal ; also consider that those pesticides leak into our water. and our soil. and our bodies.
annnnnnnd all of those fruits // veggies // grains that have been sprayed are handpicked [most grains are picked by machinery] by real people. without protective equipment. most of them are undocumented workers. without healthcare or an understanding of what pesticides really do.
for example : there is a giant berry producer in california that is carried in most stores across the us. they use undocumented workers. they dont provide care or safety equipment for their workers. and as the workers are in the fields, the airplanes with pesticides are spraying the fields. WITH THE WORKERS IN THE FIELD. by not buying organic, you are telling these companies that this is okay. [its not]
also, the more people that are buying organic, the more affordable it will become.

5) enjoy it!
the journey to eating better should NOT be torture! if you dont like a food, then gosh, dont eat it.
example : i dont enjoy tofu or 'faux' meats or cheeses. i dont like fakin' bacon. or tofu. or most leafy green veggies. so, i dont eat them. [i do put greens in my smoothies]
i eat a lot of great food. food that tastes great & fuels my body. food should be one of the most enjoyable things about this life. find good foods that you love. and eat them.

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i would love to hear what you think // your goals // your feedback.
heres to a great week!