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Monday, July 9, 2012

: ten [more] kickstarter campaigns that can change the world :

happy monday!
last month, i blogged about ten really great kickstarter programs.
unfamiliar with kickstarter?
its a website where creative humans can propose their ideas & ask for backers. when you back an idea, you get a perk for being a part of the creative idea.
example : there is a vegan fudge shop in utah that i backed. for backing, i get 1/3lb of vegan fudge.
so, you get something cool. you get to be apart of an amazing dream. and one more incredible idea becomes a business.

today, i have 10 more great campaigns that are still looking for donations. $1, $3, $5 can change someones life. [and really, who doesnt want to see a dream come true?!]

1) the greenhouse project from la, california. its a 17-acre piece of property. they are looking for funding to build a greenhouse for their small, family farm. the family currently starts all their seeds in their living room! a greenhouse would allow them to start seeds year round. more seeds = more ORGANIC produce reaching MORE people. they also run a CSA. more space would equal more CSA members. more folks eating great produce. and two farmers able to stay small & organic.
donate here ; backing ends july 28th

2) plenty : a healthy grocery store in chicago. they want to create a 'bodega'-style corner grocery that focuses on local & organic food. supporting small, local [organic] merchants & farmers will benefit all of us ; even if the store is on the other side of the country! they are also looking to carry foods that cater to folks with different dietary restrictions [gf, vegan, allergy-friendly, ect]
support them here ; backing ends august 1st

3) earth day farm ; a food project from holland, michigan. michele has created an urban organic farm in the parking lot of a STRIP MALL! i love this! most of the stores have left the mall ; so its just a large strip of land that nobody is using. the money will be used to finish the irrigation system & to buy compost. they also have a number of other expensive costs ; like building a market stand to sell their produce. this is another great project that benefits all of us. 
donate here ; backing ends july 26th.

4) the east honey hill project from pensacola, florida! this is one of my faves! thomas & his team are looking for money to continue to raise & sell pure, raw, sustainable honey. *note : a lot of vegans dont eat honey. i DO eat honey, but only when its been locally sourced without disrupting the hive. a lot of honey found is stores is brought over from china, where there are little regulations & a lot of 'crap' going into the honey. by supporting a project like this, you are supporting local farmers & protecting bees for years to come. and if you give $20, you get a pint of honey & a lip balm. [im doing this for sure!]
donate here ; backing ends august 6th!

5) one of the reasons i love kickstarter is that you can directly impact a project that will be used to educate people. this project is one of those. drag dad is a documentary about tyra sanchez, who is one of the most famous drag queens in nyc. he is also a single dad. the documentary will feature footage from both parts of james' [tyra's] life, along with interviews from he & his 6 year old son. if this project gets backed, it will be such a fabulous teaching tool!
donate here ; backing ends july 27th

6) veggie-go's is cool new food project out of boulder! veggie-go's are organic fruit & veggie leathers. this is a great idea! the money raised will go towards purchasing new equipment, renting their own space & getting into more shops. more shops mean more sales ; which means more people are eating fruits & veggies.
back their project here ; backing ends july 12th

7) jake pine brewery is a great project out of northern minnesota! the owners have been brewing locally for years, but are now hoping to create a taproom where they can sell beer onsite. they will have tours & growlers available. growlers are great because they can be used & reused again. no waste! and local beer is such a fun thing! backing projects in OTHER PEOPLES names is such a fun gift. i think that blake would love to be apart of this project ;)
donate here ; backing ends july 15th.

8) poorboy candy is another great project out of minnesota [minneapolis!] they create delicious caramels with quality ingredients. right now, they do not offer vegan caramels, but hopefully as they grow, they will be able to accommodate more folks. the money will be used for new equipment and a kitchen of their own [they currently share a space].
check it out here ; backing ends july 25th.

9) another brewery! this one sounds SO cool ; vault brewing company will be in yardley, pennslyvania. they will be offering beer, live jazz & wood-fired pizza. i love this! their interior will mimic a bank from the 1920s. the money they raise will go towards brewing equipment, a copper oven, and their interior design. this is a great project to get behind. and their logo [and prizes!] are really rad!
here, project ends august 1st.

10) this is my other favorite project! bear butter from new jersey. what? its a honey // peanut butter spread. sounds simple & delish ; i love it. the money raised will go for more sizes & varieties, truck transportation, and more. i am in with this project, without a doubt. $15 supports a dream & gets YOU an 8oz jar of bear butter.
back the project here ; backing ends august 4th.

what do you think?
i would love to head which project YOU support!