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Sunday, July 22, 2012

get down with your 'eco' self : how to make your own deodorant! :

Hi everyone! My name is Aisha (I-sha) I blog over at My Little Sunshine. I am a tofu lovin', vegan momma and I blog about my life as a mom. Check out my blog for some fun tutorials, recipes, and laughs. Enough about me. I am so happy to be guest posting on Diana's blog today!  

Since Diana is away sweating/working her butt off on her bike, I figured, what a perfect topic! Sweat! So not really sweat, but deodorant...
How to make your own deodorant! 

Most commercial deodorants are full of harmful chemicals. They are made with aluminium which has been linked to Alzheimer's, breast cancer and more. Homemade deodorant is a safe and cheap alternative! Plus, your armpits will smell like coconuts.
What's not to love about that?!  

What You Need

How to do it 

Here are some common questions

I have really sensitive armpits. Will this recipe still work for me?
Yes, but substitute the cornstarch for arrowroot powder.

How should I store it?
Coconut Oil turns into a liquid when the temperature is above 76 degrees. Store the deodorant in a cool, dark place or keep it in the refrigerator. Whenever it does turn into a liquid, pop it in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes.

How long will one batch last?
I made mine 2 months ago, and I still have over half left. A little bit goes a long way.

Is this deodorant as strong as commercial deodorant?
No. This is a mild deodorant. It will prevent you from smelling, but I do not suggest that you wear it while running a marathon. I keep an emergency stick of store bought deodorant just in case.

What if it gets on my clothes?
Just wash your shirt as you normally would and it will come right off.

I don't like coconuts and I don't want my armpits to smell like them. What should I do?
Buy refined coconut oil instead. The smell of coconuts is very minimal compared to unrefined.

If you have any more questions, you can shoot me an email –
i LOVE this post! i use TOMS deodorant on long bike rides, but i am for sure making this when i get back home!

and ps : for those of you wondering, this is the route // towns // mileage we are riding today [day 1!]

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