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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

how vegan makeup can change the world : and my new favorite eyeshadow

happy 4th of july, everybody!
today for us will equal a long bike ride, fireworks from the 15th floor, maybe some vegan cupcakes & lots of photos [and sunscreen!]

lets talk about make-up!!
one of my biggest 'vegan hurdles' has been finding quality products to use on my hair // skin // body // home. i did this [helpful] post awhile back about great vegan beauty companies.
i have found that not eating meat // dairy // animal products has been the really easy part [seriously!]. 
the super hard part has been finding new bath // beauty products [shave gel, mascara & eyeshadow have been my most recent 'replacement' products]

i discovered au natural one night on an simple internet search. i reached out to them & they were happy to let me try out some of their products. and super fun part? they give 1% of ALL profits to charity. [you know i love that]

i was just expecting a lip gloss or two, but was way excited when i discovered three powder eyeshadows, two lip gloss, one lip tint, and one creme eyeshadow!

i tried out the nude & deep coral lip glosses. i use chap stick all time time [especially on the bike in the summer], so i appreciate an extra pop of color! also, they feel really great on. 

the eyeshadows were my favorite. i had never used power shadow before [i have been using cover girl since 6th grade ; which is owned by p&g and DOES test on animals!]. i suggest non-animal hair brushes to apply your makeup. 
here, i mixed the gardenia [my fave!] & honeysuckle.

arent these fun?
if you are looking for some new makeup [or replacing your old stuff], i highly recommend au natural. 
a lot of folks argue that 'vegan' 'organic' 'cruelty-free' is super expensive, but honestly, think of what you are using! you are using a product that was created by humans, tested on humans, and does not contain toxic ingredients! you are helping the planet, your body AND the animals. plus, SO many vegan companies donate to charity ; so you are also helping to improve even more lives!

keep in touch with au natural!

disclaimer : i was given all of these products free of charge. everything i said was true [and my own opinion]