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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

: i totally want to make that : an EASY DIY workout shirt! :

hey everybody!
today is day 4 of our ride.

i am a pretty simple girl. [you know that, right?] blake & i live a pretty simple [eco, happy, smart] existence. if we need something, we find a way to create it ourselves. if its something we really need [a new computer, a bike chain] we are sure to have the money saved up before we purchase it. and, we decorate our home [lives!] with fun things that are passed down, thrifted or repurposed.

so, this bike ride? well, it is expensive. the ride itself is super affordable. but bike gear? its not cheap. for this ride, i am taking 3 pairs of bottoms [a bike skirt//liner, one pair of liners [[you add a pair of running shorts on top]] and bike shorts] & a few moisture-wicking shirts, 10 pairs of running socks [NOT a fan of wet feet!] & a couple of sports bras. a lot of bikers love bike jerseys ; i do not.
i like feather-light tops ; tops that are super light fabric & dont cling to my skin.

i bought a couple tops from old navy's fitness line & was really happy with them. well, i wanted a few more, but didnt want to spend money [duh!]
sooo, i made my own!
i found this really great tutorial & made a couple of my own.
the shirts i used were 70 cents each from a local thrift store.

i made four shirts & only two of them turned out really well.
[the other two will be used as dust rags]
if you are going to make a shirt like this ; be sure to use a shirt that is a size or two big for you & an older, 'more-loved' shirt will fit the best. a new, heavy cotton shirt probably wont fit & bend as well as you would like!

you can check out our day today here & yesterday.
uh, helllo [77 miles today + 81 miles yesterday AND 85 miles tomorrow]
PLEASE meet me tonight with huge vegan cupcakes & an ice pack!