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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

: who wants a healthy surprise!? : and a discount code! :

so, i am a pretty simple person.
i like good manners, good food, folks that are rad, being on my bicycle & some other things.

and luckily, this post has most of those things combined.
a while back, i found out about healthy surprise.
they are a monthly snack delivery service. each month you get new goodies [ALL snacks are vegan & dairy-free!] i love that. and even if you aren't vegan, a no-commitment service like this is a great way to test out products that are new to you.

so, i reached out to the folks at healthy surprise & look at this [massive] box they sent my way.
one of the way cool things about healthy surprise is that YOU get to choose which plan works for you.
the one i am sharing with you is the 'healthy' box. [there is one box smaller than this one & two boxes that are larger]

so, what did i get? 
[glad you asked!]

4 [!] bags of gone nuts! ; my favorite flavor was the white chocolate.
the cilantro are delish, as well.

four different fruit // energy bars.

pizza flax snax [i didnt love these, but blake did] // kale krunch chips // cinnamon skinny crisps

these nuts were my favorite snack in the box.
i will def be buying more!

we have been adding happy hemp into our smoothies & pancake batter.
i think that hemp seeds can really improve your wellness.

dried pears ; they were okay. i didnt love these.
but i dont really love dried pears, apples or bananas.

cool, right?
if you are looking for something new, ready-to-grab snacks, or to transition to a healthier lifestyle, i highly recommend healthy surprise!
type in FLYTOTHEWALL to save $5 off of ANY healthy surprise box ; no restrictions.

disclaimer : i received this box for free in exchange for my opinion. my opinion is just that ... mine & honest.

enjoy, everybody!