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Friday, September 14, 2012

come and get your babypantz, baby! : [we are talking about a sale, here!] :

happy friday!
big plans for the weekend?!
i am OFF on sunday [woo hoo!] ; so i think we will be volunteering for a bike ride in town!
and i might even sleep in ;)

i have 8 [!] new pairs of babypantz that i will be adding to the shop, soon. [like, in a few days!]
but, until that happens, LETS HAVE A SALE!

all babypantz in the shop right now are only $6.
plus, i have reduced the shipping, as well.
so, that is a great deal.

babypantz are awesome.
great gifts.
cute patterns.
perfect for fall // cooler weather.
great for little boys & girls.
throw a pair of pantz on with a onesie & you have a super-cute babe.
can also be worn by toddlers // preschoolers as leggings.

check out all colors // patterns here!
also, everything i have [of the older styles] is listed.
when they are gone ; they.are.gone!!

i am super excited to share new pantz [and lots of new winter wear] in the coming weeks!

support handmade!!