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Thursday, September 13, 2012

your dog loves beer?!?! [a post about beer-flavored dog treats]

so, we have had daphne for almost 2 months now.
we totally love her.
we have learned that she is afraid of plastic bags & the vacuum. she loves chasing the albino squirrel in our neighborhood. and she is in love with frozen bananas, vegan butter, orontas bike grease [its plant-based, but she LOVES sucking on our bike chains ; if you leave her alone in the living room!!] and trying to drink my morning smoothies.
silly dog.

last weekend, our neighborhood held 'woofstock.' its an annual event that brings a couple thousand dogs & their humans out for the afternoon. there were treats, a photo booth, samples, dog companies and rescue groups.

daph had so much fun & we found some really great products [and stocked up on things we already love!]

while we were there, we found brew bones
have you ever heard of these?

they are dog treats that TASTE like beer ; they dont contain alcohol, but are flavored from hops! they smell like beer & are made with organic & locally-sourced ingredients.
and they are called 'pale tail!'
[so stinkin' cute!]

so fun! and she loves them.
i know a lot of dog owners keep their dogs diet pretty strict. not us. we use this brand of dog food ; which was created to mix and match different flavors.
we also have 4-6 different brands of dog treats that we give daph quite often.
her stomach and digestion system adapt pretty well & i really think that giving her a variety of food is fun and exciting for her.

read more about brew bones here
and order a box here.

disclaimer : i purchased this box with my own money. the company doesnt know me or my blog. i love their commitment to healthy dogs & their product are great ; i appreciate that.