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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

not enough balance? : have fun falling on your butt! : and other reasons why creating a budget isnt foolproof : :

yep, best [lame?] blog title i could come up with.

if you have been reading for a while now, you will have noticed that i enjoy sharing small pieces of my personal life ; but for the most part, i like to keep a lot of 'life' things offline [private].
i think that technology and social media have done amazing things ; but for me, personally, i like to experience moments with the people i love & share them in small doses.

one of the downsides of not sharing a lot of personal moments is that it gives the impression that your [anybodys] life is perfect, flawless, shiny & always put together.
BUT, on the other hand, sharing too many struggles [both large & small] can easily come off as being ungrateful & a 'complainer-pantz.'

right now, i feel like i have a lot going on.
*i am working three jobs.
*volunteering once a week.
*biking 75+ miles a week to work & back.
*spending time with our pup [she needs a couple // few hours of outside time a day & we dont have a backyard]
*i am on day 5 of the insanity workout [round 2]
*trying to load up my shop with new winter wear
*keep this blog going

and ya know ; trying to get in a shower or two & sleep more than 6 hours a night!

i will tell you ; it is a bit of a struggle right now. 
i feel like this blog is the one thing that keeps falling to the bottom & gets forgotten about.
i am not willing to give up my jobs [financial security for the future!], volunteering, my health, bike commuting or daphne.

on sunday, i had the *entire* day off [woo hoo!], so we decided to take a little family road trip.
between blake & i, we have one car. its my car.
its a 1999 chevy cavalier that i have had since 2004. it has 150K+ miles on it & i have taken it around the country a few times [and back!] its in pretty good shape ; but its getting 'up there'.
we have talked for a long time about getting a new car ; but wanted to pay off our loans first.
why the need for an upgrade?
well, its not super fuel efficient. not super safe [only has head-on airbags]. the air conditioner has been broken for two years [too cheap to fix it]. and the brakes are starting to go bad.

well, on our way home from our day trip [we spent the day window shopping & hanging out on the river in wisconsin], the brakes went out. like, OUT! we are *so* lucky that we were close to home, instead of going 70mph on the interstate, but yikes! nobody was hurt ; everything was fine, but now its time for a new car.

we dont drive! between blake & i, we bike each and every day. its how we run errands. get groceries. get to work. volunteer. meet up with friends.
we just dont drive. so, spending a ton of money for a [fuel efficient, safe, awesome] car is a tough pill to swallow.
but we do drive. we drive to state parks. to see my family. fun little day trips to get out of the city.
so, i think we have found 'the one.' we will be looking at it this week & hopefully bringing it home.

bottom line is : we are busy over here in the pantz household. lots going on. feeling so lucky we have everything we do & looking forward!

i would love to hear what you do to unwind // de-stress // bring back balance in your life.
please! [thanks]