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Sunday, September 2, 2012

my fitness goals for september : week 1 :

happy sunday!
if you have been around here for a while, you know that i love lists & goals.
i am one of those people that really is motivated by writing something down [actually, i am more motivated by crossing it off!!] i love making lists & goals as a way to see my progress ; no matter if  its big huge goals [pay off student debt] or small goals [run to the bank, get groceries + call my grandma].

right now, i am working three jobs. throughout the month of september, i have 3 days off. all of my jobs are within 10 miles [round-trip] of our place. and some days, i work more than one job.
so while i am bringing in more money than when i was doing dianapantz ; i have big goals for that money [loans, savings, speedier bike, glass drinking straws...].
i do not belong to a gym [although i do dream of joining a crossfit box], so it is up to me to use my resources and location to my advantage.

i live in one of the most bike friendly cities in the country. and, i live within walking distance of TWO different lakes [which both have trails that connect all over the metro]
i also live 5 blocks away from the public library ; which has hundreds [and hundreds] of workout dvds to rent! all of my jobs allow [require?] me to be on my feet // moving a lot of the day. and i have a HUGE puppy that needs tons of exercise.

so, what are my fitness goals for the month? 
1) get back to 98 +%vegan
in late august i got a bit lazy & ate some dairy a few times. my face broke out almost immediately & i was bloat-y and SO uncomfortable for DAYS! i was lazy & wasnt planning my meals ; so i will get back on the vegan train [choo choo!]
2)become a fitfluential ambassador
last month, i applied to become a health // fitness ambassador from fitfluential [think of it as a social network of the fittest of the fit] i should find out soon-ish if i was accepted.
3) tone up my arms and continue to thin out my middle
i have always had pretty toned arms ; but with all the biking this summer & no strength training, they have lost quite a bit of muscle. same with my middle. i will be incorporating more weights [2-3 times a week] + ab work throughout the week.
4) start running again & m a y b e  run a 5k
i use to run all the time! i have done a half-marathon, a 10k and a bunch of 5ks. but last fall, i really strained my IT band & just fell out of love with running. so, i havent run in a year & i *maybe* want to start again. just 20 minutes here & there. [we will see...]

and how am i going to get it done?
here is my fitness plan for the week :
1) bike 70+ miles [i bike 10 miles + a day to work & back]
2) walk 400 minutes [i walk daphne 20-70 min a day + i nanny full-time for a family that lives right on the walking trail]
3) do 'plank a day' every day [thats 7 days!!] [more on plank-a-day soon]
4) drink 35+ glasses of water [thats 5 glasses a day]
5) be in bed by 11pm every night [i am really struggling to go to bed at a decent time!]
6) do 3 strength workouts
7) 3 cardio workouts [with one of them being a 15-25min run // jog]

lets do this together!
what are your fitness // wellness goals this week?!
leave them in the comments or come back & leave us a link to your post!!
heres to a great month...