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Saturday, September 1, 2012

september goals!

i know i am not alone is being excited for fall ; its my favorite season.
the rest of the year [september, october, november & december] are my favorite months // seasons.
our weather has been silly last month [up to 90*, then down to the 60*s and now back up], so we already have some leaves that are turning colors & falling off the trees.

so, starting today [new month!] i will be transitioning this blog into more of a 'healthy, lifestyle blog' and be leaving the 'small business' side behind. i am super excited. there will be a lot of recipes, some personal posts & lots of goals // tips // products that i have // love // use.

for the month of september, i want to : 
1) give my blog [and e-book] a total revamp ; most of my tabs have already been updated ;)
2) volunteer 2-4x
3) donate some money to 88bikes
4) bring stuff to goodwill [we have 6+ bags of stuff just sitting here]
5) pay a big, huge, awesome amount of money to my student loans + $______ on credit card
6) follow my financial plan to a 't' [since i now have a lot more income, i have created a new $$ plan ; i will be sharing more this month!]
7) WORKOUT! [i also have a workout plan that includes cardio, weights, mental health + more ; i will be sharing more tomorrow!]
8) open 1 savings bond [this is one of my 2012 goals i havent been very good at]
9) train for // register for a 5k [this is a maybe!] i really dislike running, but i have been dreaming of running a small charity race this fall.
10) read 5 books
11) pay for the person behind me 1x
12) go CAMPING! the only camping we have done this summer was for our bike ride. i am super excited to take a whole weekend & camp. vegan s'mores, a dog hoodie for daphne & reading books by [electric] lanterns.

tell us!
what goals do you have for the beginning of fall?!