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Friday, September 21, 2012

things you should be reading : week 3 : rad links worth checking out!

happy friday!
it officially feels like fall here in minneapolis.
daphne has been wearing her dog-hoodie at night & i have been wearing my mittens while biking to work in the mornings.

we bought a car this week. and traded in my old one. i will say that i cried like a baby to leave my car behind. my car & i have been together for almost 10 years. through breakups, funerals, cross-country moves & other life happenings. we are so excited to have a new, safer [and responsible!] vehicle ; but leaving my car was like saying goodbye to a sorely missed friend.

how about some rad links to kick off your weekend?!

*dog lover? i recently found this 'dog-blog' & its amazing. beautiful photos, awesome stories & fun dog-projects. the posts are written from the view of the dog & they are so fun. the dogs are mostly rescue pit bulls ; which i love. [did you know that daphne is part pit bull?!]

*speaking of dogs ; are you looking to buy a silly hat for your dog?! dont tell blake, but daphne might be getting this hat for her dog-birthday! [plus, we live in minnesota ; home of the vikings. and she already has a purple hoodie...]

*need another reason to exercise and stay healthy? this is a super scary article about the obesity epidemic & the future ; if we dont do anything about it.

*7 free [and totally easy!] ways to reuse and recycle

*learn how to [easily] make your own toothpaste here! [note : some glycerin is animal-based. if you want vegan toothpaste [which you should because ; helllllo no animal should suffer because you want clean teeth!] ; i would search online for vegetable-based glycerin]

*need a laugh? 63 reasons why boy bands were better in the 90s. some of the pictures are ridiculously awesome.

*this is a great info-graphic on the specifics of buying organic. who is buying? how much money do they have? and why is organic so important? [note : i am a huge advocate for organic products. if it was grown // made from anything in a field & its not organic, it was sprayed with pesticides. chemicals & poisons meant to KILL things. chemicals and poisons you then put in your body. not good.]

*25 places to donate your stuff.

*45 heathy foods to make and NEVER buy again! 

* 11 things to do [and not to do] when you are burnt out. [i feel like i need to write this article on everything i touch // see throughout the day]

*and here are 13 links i have posted before [all worth checking // re-checking] ;)

happy weekend!
any great articles you found this week that you want to share?!