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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

: oh, yes you candy! :

lets talk about chocolate!

[vegan] chocolate ; which is usually called carob. 
[you can buy carob chips in the bulk bins at whole foods & your local co-op // health food store]
it tastes just like chocolate & its delish.
annnd dogs can have carob!

oh, yes you candy [cutest business name ever, right?!] sent me three of their heavenly bites carob truffle bars to try out. [you only see two in the photo because i ate first, took a photo second...]
i tried the mint, sea salt & lime, s'mores & banana monkey crunch.
[anything sea salt & lime is my fave!]

these are so fun! they are totally vegan [no dairy, no gmo ingredients, no wheat & no refined sugars!] blake & i ask for a lot from our food & the companies we support & these truffles tasted great!

these bars [and they make flavor-infused coconut oil & popcorn crunch!] would make a great stocking stuffer, pen pal gift or a treat for yourself. [because hellllo, you know you love the taste of chocolate AND supporting the dreams of small businesses!]

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disclaimer : i was gifted three truffle bars of my choice. my opinions are my own.

check out all their flavors! do you have a favorite?!