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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

: crafting with daphne : super easy dog food container :

happy wednesday!
after taking over half of august off ; i am feeling ready to come back to blogging!

todays [easy!] project is for the dogs [or cats!]!!

daph says 'heeeeyyyy!'

because dogs are expensive & i am so frugal ; i wanted to make or upcycle a lot of items for daphne.
before we officially adopted daph, blake & i headed to my favorite thrift store in the cities on a search for affordable dog items. we found two [really cute!] food bowls for 10 cents, a placemat to go under them for 25 cents, and a couple of shirts that i turned into tug toys.

we also found a giant popcorn tin ; similar to this one.

great idea : chalkboard painted dog food tin!
this project took very little time & turned out really cute.

i used chalkboard paint to cover the body & the lid of the popcorn tin.
once they dried, i took some crayola chalk and wrote 'daphne's food' on the front.

easy. simple. cute.

and since we are talking about dog food : 
daphne eats this brand of food [which contains meat!], but 90%+ of her treats are homemade // vegan.
[i will be dedicating a few posts to daphnes treats & food!]
i dont love that she eats meat ; but dogs need more protein than humans [especially a 55+ pound puppy that gets LOTS of exercise!], so i respect what her dog-body needs.

and one last picture : we live a few blocks away from a bandshell that plays live music every night of the summer. most nights, we walk down to the lake & listen to music.
daphne crawled in blakes lap & my little heart melted!
[do you see her 2 foot tail on the ground?!]