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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

: ATTENTION 'DOG PEOPLE' : this one is for YOU! : the first-ever holiday gift-swap for your pup! :

okay, okay!
this post is for all of the dog owners out there.
[and i know you are out there]

poor daph ; this is one of the first pictures we ever took after she was rescued. 
she looks a little rough..

last weekend, we visited my dad. he trained hunting dogs my entire life & enjoys larger dogs.
he was so great with daphne & she LOVED his place. [remember, he is a butcher!] he gave her sausage & tons of blankets to bring home. annnnd he gave her a 10 pound box of smoked meat bones!
daphnes dream day, for sure.
when we got home, one of our neighbors had left a huge bag of organic dog treats for daphne.
she is so loved!
so, it got me thinking!!

lets all do a holiday gift exchange for our pups!!
here is how it will work : 
*your dog signs up for the exchange [you can do the work ; if they havent learned to type yet!] ; his/her age // size // breed // likes // dislikes // allergies // ect.
*and then your dog will get a partner with similar [maybe?!] interests // size // age.
*you will send them a package of 'fun dog goodies' and then share about how much fun you had & then get an awesome package in return ;)

you could send homemade treats, store-bought treats [i highly suggest buying products that were made in the US + canada!], fun toys &/or handmade toys or accessories.

the cutoff for signing up is november 8th ; with partners announced that next day & packages sent out by the 16th.
if you have more than one dog in your household ; sign them up individually ; so they each get their own box!

are you in?!
here is what you need to do :
either leave the following in a comment below OR send it in an email [dianapantz[at]gmail[dot]com]
[remember ; one comment // email per dog. two dogs = two separate emails // comments]

she wants to knit your dog a sweater!

1) your name & address ; + a few fun facts about how cool you are
2) your dogs info [age // size // breeds // likes // dislikes // special requests [wheat free, no squeakers, ect] & a few fun facts about your pup
3) where would you like to send? [us // canada // worldwide] [right now, i would like to keep in us/canada ; but if there is enough international interest, i will open it up] [sorry everybody ; shipping overseas is outrageously expensive!]
4) anything else you want to add?!

[sorry cat-people ; i dont know enough about cats to organize a meow-swap]

also, i would LOVE to have you share this swap on your blog // facebook // twitter, so we can reach as many awesome pups as we can!