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Monday, October 22, 2012

gettin' back on the sponsor train! : [choo choo] : and 50% off on sponsor spaces!

happy monday, everybody!
did you have a great weekend??!
blake and i both had FOUR days off [thursday-sunday] & we got in some much needed relaxation.
movie watching. hiking. family hugging. napping. and sleeping in each morning.
back to work today...

its almost november!
i haven't been accepting sponsors on my blog since this summer ; but i have decided i am ready to start up again.
for the past few months, i have stepped away from my blog a bit. not a lot of posts. no promotion. i have taken the last few months to reset my blog goals & to start back at square one.
i already have so many great posts planned ; on top of TWO awesome gift swaps!
[more details about that later this week!]

i feel like so many bloggers right now are just blogging to get huge numbers.
they give stuff away but you HAVE to follow to be entered.

i dont want to be a part of that.
i want this to be a space where i am posting good, quality content that engages discussion and helps foster change.
simple home projects. easy vegan recipes. green // eco- products that can make your [and your pups!] life better.

i dont want people to HAVE to follow.
starting next month, i will be advertising my blog on a few of my favorite blogs!
i have decided that i will be accepting a limited number of sponsor spaces here.
all of my sponsor info has been updated & can be seen here.
i am only offering ONE size & only a handful will be available each month.

are you interested?!
be one of the first people to email me and get your 1- or 3-month package 50% OFF!
go you!

and tell me this picture doesnt make your bad day better!