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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

: currently :

hey everybody!
lets catch up! these are a few things happening in my life right now. [plus a few cute iphone photos]
id love to hear whats going on with YOU!

watching : right this second [tuesday night] ; i am watching the debate. if you know me in 'real life' you  know that i am super political. i keep it off the blog & try to keep it to a minimum on twitter ; but i really love reading about politics and keeping up with the news.

but, i have been watching 'coach' on netflix. remember this show as a kid? my mom use to watch it.
fun fact : the college on coach, was modeled after the college i went to. [woop woop]

listening to : the new anberlin album just came out yesterday. do you know them? def one of my favorite bands!

thinking about : tomorrow! why? because starting at 5pm tonight, i have thursday, friday, saturday and sunday OFF! we are going to camp. take photos. run outside. and visit tiny minnesota towns we have never been to.

loving : starting last week, daphne started doggie daycare twice a week ; in hopes of getting some energy out & learning more appropriate ways of playing with other dogs. [she plays really hard & most dogs dont love that]. she has been getting 8-10 'doggie timeouts' each day at daycare because she just isnt respecting the boundaries of the other dogs.
yesterday? she only had THREE doggie timeouts & had a really great day. go daphne!

i am also loving that blake, daphne and i get to spend a full weekend together. [this hasnt happened since july!]

reading : i am currently reading a few 'doggy 101' books to come up with different strategies for daphne & her potential 'dog-friends'.
maybe you can help : when she sees approaching dogs, she gets SO excited. she splays out on the ground & growls and barks [trying to initiate play]. obviously, people arent going to bring their dog over when this 60-pound dog sounds like a monster. her tail is wagging & she just wants to play.
we want to extinguish the barking and growling. its embarrassing and inappropriate.
has this happened to you? what have you done?

ive also been reading & researching really great blogs. i think ill finally jump into the 'sponsor' game, starting in november.

making me happy : this picture below is so great. totally unplanned.
also, its been in the 60*'s & 70*'s ; which is perfect bike riding weather.
and i have been tracking my food again [something i really dont love doing] and its going pretty well.
annnnnd ive also been planning a fun, blog surprise!

tell me : what has been good with you lately?!