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Friday, October 12, 2012

things you should be reading : more great links from around the web :

happy friday!
im running a little behind on blog posts this week.
[how in the world do all of you DO EVERYTHING?!]

today, i have some really fun links from around the web.

1) do you eat beans? how about a super-simple guide to soaking your own? [its easy & you will save money & keep the extra sodium OUT of your diet!]

2) do you know where your chocolate is coming from? [i beg you to do some research] : here is a helpful chocolate scorecard.

3) in a blogging rut? kam has a list of 365 blog ideas for only $5! [i am def buying my copy today]

4) planting season is over for most of us ; but these painted planters are so cute!

5) these are by far the coolest cookies i have ever seen! seriously ; they are spitting images of the toys we played with when we were kids!

6) ever heard of camp clothing?! they sell awesome vintage-inspired clothing [the hoodies are my favorite] : check out their pieces here

7) have any vintage bedsheets laying around? [me too] : here is a list of 10 rad things to do with them. [the christmas stockings and napkins are my favorite] if you dont have vintage sheets, i suggest a second hand store!

8) blue cross // blue shield of minnesota just released two new anti-obseity ads & theyre getting some heat for 'fat shaming' : i would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the topic // ad. a new study said that half [!!] of all minnesotans will be obese by 2030. blue cross // blue shield has done some really amazing things for health // wellness in minnesota! personally, i think the ads are really powerful & i totally support them.

9) dog owner? one of my next 'crafting with daphne' projects will be this reflective vest for night running // walks.

10) and did you see the HUGE mess daphne made when she broke out of her crate?

11) last week i asked 'how are you making yourself better?' ; id love to hear from you!

happy weekend!