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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy howl-o-ween from harry potter + a few helpful tips! :

hey everybody!
one of my favorite holidays ever.
but this year?
no costume. no decorations. no cookies. no pumpkin.
hahaha. october got away from me. [kinda like august & september, too]

blake & i didnt make costumes this year, but guess who did?!

isnt she the cutest wizard you have ever seen?!
we made the glasses from pipe cleaners, the scarf is mine & the cape was a $2 purchase at a thrift store.

we wont be handing out candy tonight [we live in an apartment] ; but for those of you that ARE handing out candy, a small reminder.
dont forget about the kids that are gluten free // vegan // vegetarian // allergic to nuts!
fruit snacks [without nasty preservatives!], pencils, stickers, tattoos, bouncy balls, erasers, mini-play doh or clay containers [some contain gluten // wheat], toy cars, coins [we use to get dimes from our neighbor], and sidewalk chalk are all easy, cheap & affordable non-candy items to hand out.

and a couple tips for the dog owners :
we have all heard it a million times ; but PLEASE keep chocolate away from your pup! it is so toxic. also, candy wrappers & plastic treat bags are also super dangerous.

tip number two : 
remember that constant door knocking // bell ringing might not be as fun for your dog as it is for you.
kids running, shouting, wearing scary masks & brandishing swords & other accessories can be super scary for dogs [and cats!] consider placing your dog in a back room or just leaving the screen door open  [its going to be 35* here tonight!] to avoid unnecessary stress.

what are your plans for tonight?
leave a comment or a link with photos of your, your child[ren] and//or your pet in costume!
be safe & see you tomorrow!

PS : did you see this great post from emily? its a powerhouse-healthy brunch recipe!