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Thursday, November 1, 2012

: november goals! :

i like waking up on the first of the month & seeing social media posts of folks who are SO motivated by the new month.
the fall is my favorite & i have some big goals for the new month!

blake & i have been joking lately that i should move out to the country and be a homestead-er.
i have been super interested lately in making my own soap, sunflower butter, wax candles & bread.
we recently watched a documentary [ill share all the details later this month] & i looked at blake and said 'you know, we do live pretty responsibly. i am proud of how eco-conscious we are.'
and then in the next segment, there was a piece about harmful products & chemicals in your bathtub & i freaked out. we were guilty. SO guilty! i paused the dvd & spent 3 hours looking up new products ; ordering them or supplies to make myself.

so, this month i will be going on a bit of a [even more] eco-journey to make our lives // living space even more sustainable. a bunch of my goals will reflect that.

here we go :

in november i want to : 
1) finish all holiday shopping // crafting.
i know what everybody is getting ; now i just need all my supplies.
2) make candles & share the tutorial
3) pay $______ on credit card [i had my card paid off, but put a few bigger purchases on there with the full intent on paying them off right away ; mostly to continue to build credit.]
4) pay $_________ on loans [my goal is to have my loans UNDER $3,000 by the end of the month!!!]
5) track my spending ; i did great in september & okay in october. i really like to know where my money is going. plus, it makes me way more accountable.
6) bootcamp!! i bought a great groupon a couple weeks ago for a killer bootcamp studio & i will start going next week. with this goal, comes results. i also want to be leaner & stronger by december 1st.
7) bake my own bread. azia posted a recipe & last night i bought 20 pounds of flour and am ready to get started. also, im on the lookout for a specific pyrex bread pan..
8) get my etsy shop 'holiday ready' ; plus a sale. i have so many great pieces to list, but dont have enough hours in the day to get them all photographed!
9) adopt-a-hive ; this is super exciting & i will blog about it this month
10) replace ALL bath products. again, excited to share.
11) start a new '101 in 1001 list' ; my 1st list expires in december & i want to make a new list.
12) bake homemade naan bread
13) only buy in bulk! coffee, sugar, beans, ect. the bulk bins are bargain-machines & i do not use them enough!!
14) follow blog tips [i found a great article to share about maximizing your blogs potential!]

off to get workout #1 in on the first day of the month!
what are YOUR goals for the month?!