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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

: she strikes again! : daphne the destroyer : crafting a big ol' mess! :

todays crafting with daphne is a little fun!
[well ; for you & daphne its fun because you didnt have to clean up the mess ;)]
this was daphne's first solo project.
because she broke out of 'puppy jail' [her crate]

when we first rescued daph, she LOVED my yarn. no matter if she was scolded or not ; she just wanted every ball of yarn she could get her mouth around. finally, we had to remove ALL yarn & keep it in the craft room.

last week, i put daphne in her metal crate [with two blankets, a kong, a bone, a cover on top of the cage & soft music] before i left for work. [just like all the other days]
sometime between 930am & 430pm [when blake gets home] ; daph had RIPPED the crate door off its hinges and ESCAPED.

oh boy!
she had such a blast crafting this mess.


first stop : kitchen.
damage done : a loaf of bread + a pound of organic quinoa 

next stop : hall closet.
damage done : opened the closet, pulled the yoga mat through the apartment & ripped opened a 20 pound bag of dog food. she ate at least 1-2 pounds.

final destination : the craft room, baby! home of hundreds of skeins of yarn!!!
damage done : ate, tangled, destroyed at least $40-50 worth of yarn. some were so tangled they had to be thrown away. some were bit into teeny tiny pieces of yarn & were of no use.

two days after this ; daphne escaped again! this time, she broke out through the BACK of the crate.
[and she ate 2 full containers of dog treats, the dog treat container, the blender, a blender bottle & an entire bag of trash]
her crate is now zip-tied [with a MILLION ties], so she cant break out.
but, starting this week, daphne will now be attending doggy daycare two days a week to use her energy in a productive way.

tell me : do you have any wild dog-stories to tell?!
see you on friday!