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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10 documentaries that will change the world! : queue up your netflix! :

hi everybody!

lets talk about documentaries!!
blake & i dont have a tv. did you know that? i actually havent had a tv for years.
we each have a computer & basic netflix & that is enough for us.
we watch a lot of documentaries. our library is another really great resource.
we love political, religious, environmental & social action films.

documentaries are so powerful for so many reasons.
i like to think that i am pretty well informed on a lot of issues i am passionate about.
a good documentary will always remind me that i can always be better & continue learning.

i put together a list of my top 10 favorite [and really well-done] documentaries.
most [all?] can be found on netflix. also, call your library and request it, if you cant find it online.
each of these films are powerful, smart & entertaining!

here we go : 

1) vanishing of the bees
do you eat honey? have you noticed that there arent as many bees around as there were when you were a kid? ever wonder if there was a connection between pesticides // chemicals & the insects that keep our eco-stytem going?
this film made me cry. and then do tons of research about local bees!
ellen page [juno] narrates this film.

2) being elmo
i grew up with sesame street. you too, right? such a fantastic story of the man BEHIND elmo. again, i bawled. so many memories & such a great tale of hard work and pure talent.

3) the elephant in the living room
did you know that owning lions, tigers, bears, giraffes and other 'wild // zoo' animals are legal in TONS of states? it is. this film is about legal [and sometimes illegal] wild animal trade. including a heart-wrenching story about a man and his TWO pet lions. 
your mouth will be hanging open!

4) fagbug
this is an older film [2008?], but its still super powerful. especially now [with the recent election & the 4 same-sex marriage laws that were just voted on].
this documentary focuses on a girl who drives a vw bug. her car was vandalized, due to her sexual orientation [shes gay]. instead of painting over it, she takes her car on a cross-country road trip to talk about stereotypes and bullying.

5) bag it!
yes! i JUST watching bag it! a few weeks ago, and it has had the most significant impact on me. the film follows a goofy, regular guy while he tries to find the original source of a single plastic bag. he also touches on the poisons IN plastic and the products INSIDE the bottles. 

blake and i live pretty 'green.' we compost. recycle. eat organic. bike most places. purchase items made WITHOUT chemicals. buy clothes made in the US. but the one issue i hadnt addressed yet was the chemicals in our bath products [shampoo, soap, body wash, ect]. this film slapped me in the face & in a few short weeks, i have officially made our home 'paraben // phalate-free' [i am doing a full post about this soon!]

6) babies
this is a disney doc that follows 4 babies, all born at the same time ;  all in different parts of the world. this film will make your heart big! so fun watching the cultural differences in child-rearing. if you are an educator or parent ; i highly recommend this!

7) tapped
you drink bottled water? [stop it!] great film about the bottled water industry. another great movie about the harm we are doing the planet, all for a few sips of water.

8) vegucated
have you ever looked at a vegetarian // vegan and thought 'maybe i could do that. BUT theres NO WAY i really could.. ?!' this film takes 3 'real' people and follows them for 6 weeks as they go on a vegan lifestyle-change. i think a lot of folks are interested in cutting out meat, but aren't sure where to start. i wish i had a film like this when i decided to go animal-free.
even if you plan on eating steak [PLEASE buy local // hormone free!!] ; this is a great movie.

9) dive!
another great film about food [and food insecurity]. the beginning is a bit slow, but keep watching ;)
this movie follows jeremy, his family & friends as they head to the dumpsters of their favorite grocery stores [think trader joes & whole foods] and pull out ALL the food that gets thrown out [that is still PERFECT for consumption]. as the film moves on, jeremy asks more questions about all the food that is thrown out and ALL the folks that dont have supper.
so good!

10) autism : the musical 

did you know that i worked in the autism community for a few years?
this movie warmed my heart. we follow five kids ; all on the autism spectrum, as they prepare for their first big performance ; a film about autism!

what do you think?
seen any of these?
what documentaries do YOU recommend?!