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Monday, November 5, 2012

: brrrr! let me warm you up + a discount code! :

happy monday!
youre planning to vote tomorrow, right!?
i am already so anxious & butterfly-y about the election.
i dont bring politics into my blog ; but tomorrow is SUCH a huge day for our country & for minnesota.
we vote on a gay marriage amendment [along with 3 other states] & we could be one of the first states to make history [the good kind!!]

anyways, i have this past weekend off.
THE ENTIRE TWO DAYS!!! it was so nice.
i finally got around to photographing & listing some new winter wear in the shop!
and retaking photos of older pieces.
take a peek!
[theres a discount code at the end of the post!]

fun, right?!
i have a bunch of craft shows coming up, so i have been a knitting machine!
also, type in LETSSHOP15 to save 15% off EVERYTHING in the shop!!
babypantz. bow ties. photos. farmers market totes. and winter wear.

and DONT FORGET, you only have a few days left to join the doggy gift swap!