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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

holiday gift DIY #3 : how to make your own bubble bath :

easy. easy. easy.
i love making gifts for friends and family. its affordable. from the heart & fun to do.

on monday, i shared how to make your own naan bread. [which you could wrap up with some hummus, lentils, pizza sauce or eggplant spread]
and yesterday, i shared how to make your own sunflower butter [which you could give with homemade jam & bread, or as a housewarming gift with some other snack-y treats]

today is for relaxation!
one of my favorite things to do before bed is to take magazines from the library. fill the tub up to my ears with bubbles & lay & read for an HOUR.
i love it.
making bubble bath is surprisingly easy & affordable.

the castille soap isnt pictured. daphne ate the wrapper..
what you need : 
*storage container [something with a lid], a large bowl, cheese grater
*few drops of essential oil ; optional [i used citrus scent]
*a bar of castille soap [i used dr. bronners & found it at the co-op. most grocery stores should carry it. i know that our targets do]
*2 ounces vegetable glycerin [i found a 4oz bottle at whole foods for $6]

how to do it :
1) heat 4 cups of water until warm to the touch ; not boiling, but not lukewarm
2) grate the bar of soap & stir into the water. stir until it melts ; should take 3-5 minutes, depending on the temp of your water
3) add in the glycerin & your oil. i added about 6-7 drops of oil
4) once everything has completely cooled, transfer to a resealable jar.

*the consistency is a bit of a tapioca//jelly-type ; its not a smooth liquid like traditional bubble bath. adding a cute little spoon would be a great gift idea ;)

this project took very little time & is super affordable. 
if you use 1/2 cup in each bath ; you will be able to get 8 baths from this recipe.
the materials cost me less than $8 [i already had the essential oil] ; so you are paying about $1 a bath.
would make a great hostess // teacher // new friend gift.