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Friday, December 7, 2012

holiday gift guide : for the coffee lovers :

hey everybody!
lets talk about holiday shopping!
do you have a coffee lover on your list?
everybody in my family [except me] drinks coffee. 
lets pick out some gifts!

in 2010, 23 BILLION [BILLION!!] one-time use cups were used and thrown away.
please, please, please bring your own mug to the coffee shop. blake brings his with him everywhere & has never had a problem.
some coffee shops will even give you a small discount for brining your own mug.
these cups make a great [affordable] stocking stuffer & really do make a difference.
and look at how cute they are ;)

i am not sure how successful this kit would be ; but it would be a fun stocking stuffer for your coffee lover.


3) a misto box subscription!
i got one of these for blake & its great.
each month, you get 4 mini-bags of different fair-trade beans from around the world.
if you choose to buy a full-sized bag, you get free shipping.
AND, with each purchase, you get points. you can then cash them in for MORE coffee ;)

4) coffee & cream soap
you can never have too many bars of soap ; such a simple stocking stuffer.
these DO have goats milk ; so they arent vegan, but they look awesome.
also, through the end of the year get FREE shipping.

5) reusable coffee filters
again, such a simple, eco idea. blake uses unbleached, compostable filters, but these? these you can reuse each and everyday!

6) coffee scrub soap
look at this packaging!! [awesome, right?]
there are REAL coffee grounds in here ; so great for exfoliating.

7) one-pot coffee stocking stuffers.
again, high-five for awesome packing
you get a 3-pack coffee beans. PERFECT for teachers, a hostess gift or a neighbor.

8) do you know project7?
i featured them in my black friday gift guide.
they support seven causes ; from meals for the hungry to medicine for the sick. each purchase makes a big impact.
we have purchased coffee, mints and shirts from them!

such a great gift for a caffeine-loving sweet tooth.

what do you think?
any of these on your list? any other ideas for your coffee-fan?