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Monday, January 7, 2013

how in the world do you cut up a pomegranate?! : and an awesome smoothie recipe

happy monday, everybody!
have a good weekend? 
i had the ENTIRE weekend off [high-five for that!] ; it was pure magic.
i cleaned, baked [two loaves of bread], was on the KISS CAM at the timberwolves game, went to the gym & the hot yoga studio AND we went snowshoeing on saturday. sigh.

do you love pomegranate?!
i do! we almost always have one in the house. [once they are cut up, i love keeping them in the freezer & then eating them by the handful OR placing them in a glass of water]
sometimes poms get a bad wrap because they are SUCH A PAIN to peel!
pain, no more! let me help you ;)

how to successfully cut up a pomegranate [without staining your favorite shirt] in a few easy steps : 

step 1) fill a medium/large mixing bowl halfway with water
step 2) put your [whole] pom in the water & then cut in half with a knife.
im telling you, the pom juice is a huge pain to get off of walls, clothes and dog fur [seriously] ; so do it underwater.
keep 'halving' your pieces until you have 5-7 pieces. pom seeds hide throughout the fruit, so be sure to dig around so you dont miss any.

step 3) once you have all the seeds out [you can bring your pieces above the surface, just dont pinch//puncture the seeds] ; start to skim the top for the skin [that just goes in the compost/garbage]

step 4) dump out the water & rinse again with cold water ; picking out the 'dud seeds' & skin as you go

step 5) enjoy. freeze. put on salads. eat by the handful. share with your partner. make the smoothie below.

crunchy pomegranate banana smoothie
*i like BIG smoothies ; i drink mine throughout the day. if you want something smaller//lighter, dont add as much milk*
what you need : 
*2 cups almond milk
*1/2 banana
*1/2 cup pomegranate seeds
*1 cup berries [i use a mix]
*1 tbsp of peanut butter [i use pb2 ; which is a powder ; i love it!]
*1 scoop of vega protein powder [skip this if you arent using protein powder]
*1 tbsp chia seeds
*1 tbsp flax seeds

how to do it : 
1) mix everything together & blend. 
this smoothie was SO good. the seeds make it a bit crunchy, but this is such a power-packed breakfast.

 fun! do you drink smoothies?
and what is your favorite thing to do with a pomegranate?!