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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

40 loaves : stecca with jumbo olives

hey everybody!
can you believe that its almost february?! time goes so fast!
i am still truckin' along with my 40 loaves project ; so far, so good!

todays bread : stecca with olives & garlic [stecca is a kinda baguette-ish]

recipe used : this one ; i checked this book out from the library & i really love it. ill definitely be buying a copy for myself

what i did differently : nothing! i followed the exact recipe & it turned out great. i used jumbo olives & garlic to garnish my bread.

would i make it again? : yes! this was a super good! easy to make. really tasty dipped in oil or heated up with a bit of butter.

super easy! and tasty. the olives added a great kick [i love olives!] next time, i think ill add more olives // garlic, so you get a taste in each bite!