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Friday, January 25, 2013

: why i am betting on weight loss & hoping to win $14,000!

happy friday, everybody!
did you know that i am a fitfluential ambassador? 
that means that fitfluential [a company] decided that i [ME!] am influential when it comes to healthy living // lifestyle // fitness. it also means that i get to partner with some pretty awesome companies that will make all of our lives easier!
pretty neat!

a couple weeks ago, i got an email from the fitfluential team announcing a friendly weight-loss competition through dietbet.
do you know this site? go see here.
you join a dietbet group [can be your friends, can be total strangers] & place a bet [anywhere from $10-50 ; the group you are in decides the amount]. then, you work your little butt off for the next four weeks. the goal is to lose 4% of your body weight [its always 4%, regardless of your weight!]. if you reach your goal within the time frame, you split the pot with all the other winners.

the site itself is pretty cool. it has a 'wall-feed' similar to facebook, so you can comment on your workouts, what you are eating & general motivation.
you can weigh in as much as you want, but only your initial weight & the final weight count.

SO, i joined the fitfluential dietbet group! [you can still join! we are almost a week in, but people have been signing up each day this week!]
right now, there are 550 of us [!] and the pot is *almost* up to $14,000 [!!!]

i am not a huge fan of dieting [actually, i dont do it!] i measure recipes & ingredients, but find it SO time consuming to count & track each and every calorie.
also, if we are being honest, i can get a bit carried away with tracking ; obsessive, almost.
food is meant to be enjoyed & its all too stressful for me to count everything.

i love to move my body, though! biking [not this week, since it hasnt been above zero for a week!], body pump, hot yoga, walking the dog ; those are all things i really love to do.

i have 4.4 pounds to lose in the next 23 days! i am not 100% confident that i will meet my goal ; but i am excited to try.

my goal is to continue to move a bit more each day & to take over a bit more cooking here at home.
[blake does most of the cooking & he just dumps an entire bag of pasta in ; never thinking about serving size!]
i drink smoothies every day for breakfast & have been making large batches of food for lunch. i snack on fruit, nuts and seeds.
the classes we take at the gym [body pump, body step] get done at 9pm, so by the time we get home, i go right to bed & read for a bit before *finally* getting to bed at a decent time!

i created a pinterest board full of recipes that i have made // plan on making this month ; you can see that here.
also, if you have any awesome recipes to share, please do!

and hello! if all of this isnt motivating enough, what about the fact that you can split a $14,000 pot!?!

what do you think?
have you ever tried anything like this?
would you?
if i decided to create my own dietbet program in the future, would you be interested in joining?