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Thursday, January 31, 2013

project life : week 1

yay! today is the last day of the month & i *finally* have my first project life layout finished!
i ordered a bunch of photos from postal pix & they took OVER two weeks to arrive.

what is project life? : its a 52-week photo documenting project that is simple & easy.
you take photos, document your week & slip your notes & photos into the binder.
its like scrapbooking without all the really expensive supplies & all the time-taking.

week 1 : december 30th-january 5th

week 1 included coming home for our cross-country drive to north carolina, cupcakes, my first loaf from 40 loaves & a basketball game.
i baked my first '40 loaf' & i love this photo of daphne.
she sat in the backseat of the car all the way to north carolina & back ; she did such a great job!

blake lived in portland for a million years, so hes always been a trailblazers fan. each year, when the blazers play the wolves, i buy him a ticket & i enjoy my yearly basketball game.

we have a really delish bakery near our house, where we have been purchasing a few too many cupcakes!

my mom & aunt drove my grandma down to arizona for the winter & sent us a postcard

so far, i am a fan of project life. its easy & it will be a fun way of recording the little things that happen throughout the year.
i want to remember the days of cupcakes, postcards & cotton candy.

you can read more about project life here