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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

40 loaves : week 3 : peanut butter & jelly loaf

hey everybody!
i have been super absent this past week. and you know what? i am okay with that.

before you start drooling ; are you on instagram?! i have been using the app for a couple years now & JUST decided to start following folks // accepting followers.
my username : dianapantz ; find me! lets be friends ;)

todays bread : pb&j bread

recipe used : this one

what i did differently? : i used a vegan egg replacer & i didnt add the peanuts to the top of the loaf

would i make it again? : i think i would. 
i *think* i left the bread in for a few minutes too long, so the outside became pretty hard. the inside was soft & delish, though.
i used blueberry preserves for a local shop in raleigh, north carolina, that i picked up when we were there for christmas.

look at this face! this is what she does when she wants something to eat. she will lay super close to you ; but not make eye contact, hoping you wont notice her & youll just drop all your food. ;)