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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

another reason why $10 can change the world

hi everybody!
today, i have a fun, little post for you.
if you have been reading for a while, you know that i am a huge fan of donating money & supporting causes that will make a difference.
a huge part of blake & my's partnership is based on the idea that small changes can really make the world a better place.

we do a lot of our shopping at whole foods. we are lucky to have a location a mile away ; so we go there often. i will gladly pay a bit more for groceries knowing that i am supporting small farmers, start-up companies & giving money to a company that gives back millions of dollars to charity.

a few weeks ago, i got their whole planet newsletter, showcasing L.I.F.E. Line. whole foods has been a longtime financial supporter.
L.I.F.E. Line is an kenya-based organization that employs women to create hand-sewn totes, zipper pouches and incredible hand-beaded bracelets.
each woman is paid 3x the average kenyan salary ; that is huge in a place of deep poverty. also, a large number of the women that are employed have children with special needs. through this program, their children are able to attend school, receive the necessary services & thrive in their community. it is SO powerful!
from their website : 
How many people in Kenya does the L.I.F.E. Line support?-27 Malaika Mums
-400+ Maasai Mums
-1 sewing teacher (Liz)
-2 operations managers (Brigid and Vernoica)
-22 employees at Leather Works
-75+ employees at Color Creations
-100+ employees at Sunflag
-5 caretakers for students at Malaika Kids school
-1 occupational therapist at Malaika Kids school
-81 children of Malaika Mums
-1800+ estimated kids & grandkids of Maasai Mums
Total individuals supported by the L.I.F.E. Line = 2,514+

a few weeks ago, we were at whole foods & i saw the L.I.F.E. Line bags at the service desk. i love that they have a sewing machine [the one i bought] & a ball of yarn [here] on the bags.

and i really love everything about the zippered pouch [its big enough to put cash, a million cards & change]

i have been taking the bag with me to hot yoga + the gym everyday. i load it up with my water bottle, my mat, a towel & a change of clothes.

also, the beaded bracelets are here & they are stunning.

you can purchase the bags at whole foods or online.
i love this. you spend $10 on a reusable bag & you support a woman, her child & her community THOUSANDS of miles away. [i really hope it gives you goosebumps!]

disclaimer : i bought the bag + the change pouch with my own money ; whole foods doesnt know who i am. i just want to change the planet!

stay connected to L.I.F.E. Line :