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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

shopping with daphne : a bugsy's box review :

so, you may have guessed by now, that daphne has quite a few treats // toys // extravagances.
shes been getting the bark box for a few months [reviews here & here] & she [we are] is pretty happy with it.
a while back, i purchased a 50% off deal for 1-month of bugsy's box ; its a monthly mail-subscription box, with 1, 3- & 6-month plans.
want to see whats in it?
daphne was so pumped ; she tore apart the box ;)

in the box : 

one barkworthies bully stick. 
i dont buy these [i dont love the idea of my dog chewing on a bull penis] ; but she has been gifted a few of these in the past. she enjoys them ; but we stick to deer & beef bones that my dad has processed himself. [personal preference ; noting against the company] [also, the bones that daphne gets from my dad were not killed for the bones ; they were already killed for meat]

a small sample of raw bistro stix
AWESOME LOCAL COMPANY ALERT! bistro stix are based in minnesota! [woo hoo!]. they sell these are our local dog shop & we really enjoy them. they are a bit pricey ; but we break them up into smaller pieces & use them for training treats. 
all of their products are raw & use local, sustainable ingredients.

another one of my favorite brands!
a small bag of whole life freeze-dried beef. we have given daphne almost all of the products that whole life makes & we will be customers for life! their packaging, mission & food are great!
[they also make freeze-dried sweet potatoes that daphne will do pretty much anything for ;)]

safemade newt chew toy. we were gifted a different safemade toy in the past & while i think they are great ; they dont last for a turbo-chewer like daphne. see the letter 'l' on the package? it stands for 'light chewer' ; within 15 minutes, three limbs + half the tail were ripped off the newt. she really enjoys chewing on it, so we will keep it until its in 100 pieces ; but i wouldnt go out & purchase these products full-price. ALSO, i am pretty sure [im still waiting to hear back from the company] that these toys are NOT made in the US.
[if you have been here for a while, you know i am a bit of a nut about products that are made in the US]

a sample pack of licks liquid vitamin. she drank this right up [i put it in her food bowl] ; but it had SUCH a strong scent of chicken that i had a really hard time keeping my food down. i suppose if you eat meat, its maybe not such a huge deal, but my goodness ; i forgot what packaged meat smells like.
[i do think she enjoyed this & if blake decides to feed her this ; we would purchase more]

and three small bags of pup chips. snack chips for your dog [people think of everything!]
so far, daphne has tried the liver [the red bag without a label] & the yogurt chips [purple]. these were a hit! made in the us, no scary by-products & a portion of all sales are donated to charity!

stay strong, newt!

not bad, right? i am not sure we will keep this subscription right now ; ONLY because daphne already has tons of treats & toys. and selfishly, my student loans are SO close to being paid off, that all i want to do is pinch every penny i see & throw it towards my debt.
[pinch pinch pinch]
once they are paid off, i would be interested in continuing my subscription.
if YOU are interested, check out bugsy's box here.

*disclaimer : i purchased this box at a discount ; but with my own money. bugsy's box doesnt know who i am ; nor do any of the companies i reviewed above. everything is personal opinion & i really just like good companies that do good things!*