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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 awesome articles // recipes // posts i have been reading while sick in bed :

hi everybody!
one of my february goals is to not get behind on blogging.
day 5 & i am behind.
this weekend, i woke up in the middle of the night & barfed my face off. first time since i was a little kid that i have thrown up. definitely forgot how unpleasant it is.
after three days of not working ; i am finally back in the groove. still dont feel 100% [like, i have barely eaten for 3 days. i only want water!] ; but im getting there.

i have a bunch of really great articles // recipes // tips // tricks [you get it...] that i have been reading while laying in bed with a cold towel on my face :

1) [maybe ive posted this one before?] this is such a great article. 8 questions asked by new cyclists.
2) while home in bed, i def did my share of online shopping. harry potter fans ; my newest purchase!
3) do you shop at wal-mart? do you enjoy monthly food subscription boxes? wal-mart has joined the craze & they now offer a monthly food box shipped to your door for $7/month. all food samples are products not currently carried in stores ; so you will see a lot of healthy, organic, ethnic options. you can read the article here & check out the monthly subscription box [called goodies] here. i have mixed feelings about wal-mart ; but this might be a great thing.. thoughts?
4) such an awesome article [full of tips // recipes // grocery list] on how to go vegan for a week [the recipes are awesome!!]
5) jenna has lots [and lots] of tips on resources for simpler living [from clothes to debt to food]
6) thinking of rescuing a dog soon? this 'new dog' starter kit is AWESOME. comes in tons of rad colors and is made in the US [love that!!]
7) an article [about bikes & humans] that will make you say 'awww' & will restore all faith in humanity.
8) a list of 1001 books to read in your lifetime
9) looking for a creative gift for the small human in your life? this box of 'crayon rocks' is awesome. tons of colors. in the shape of rocks. perfect for little fingers. and made in the us.
10) wanting to 'green' up your life ; but not wanting to turn into a tree-hugging nut? [haha ; you are thinking : diana, you are a tree-hugging nut!] ; this is such a great blog. a million resources to green up your life in baby steps.

also, MINNEAPOLIS folks! anybody want to go to this event on thursday? i will be there for sure ; in honor of my grandpa [his birthday would have been on thursday]

what have you been reading lately?