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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

40 loaves : apple cinnamon coffee cake : week 5

happy wednesday, everybody!
i am day behind on my 40 loaves ; but you didnt notice, right?
i got tons of great comments // emails on my post yesterday. i posted 10 awesome links // posts // products ; go see!

i am now 1/6 of the way done with this project ;) 
so far, almost everything has been a 'sweet bread' ; someday soon, i will start making english muffins & 'real bread'. but today? today, i have another [delish!] sweet bread!

todays bread : apple cinnamon coffee cake

what i did different : i always use egg replacer, vegan butter, turbinado sugar & whole wheat flour to keep things vegan [eggs, butter, sugar] // a bit healthier [whole wheat flour]
the last step said to sprinkle sugar on top of the bread before baking ; i didnt do this. 

would i make this again? : YES! this is a good 'brunch' bread. the recipe makes two loaves, so its enough to keep one for yourself & use the other as a bake sale bread or as a gift to a neighbor // new parent // family member.

have you baked anything lately?
one of the advantages [?] of having super cold, dark winters is the sweet smell of baking bread in a warm kitchen!