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Friday, February 8, 2013

project life : week 2

happy friday!!
big plans for the weekend?
i have this entire weekend off work, but we are suppose to get 6-15 inches of snow on sunday.
one of our jobs is to scoop & clear 9 apartment buildings + their surrounding sidewalks, steps & walkways.
it takes about 2+ hours each time it snows, so sunday will be spent outside with a shovel.

i am plugging along on my project life. after work today, i have to pick up my photos for weeks 4 & 5 ; so i plan to get caught up this weekend!

week 2 : january 6-12th

this week, blake & i signed up for the YMCA. there are 20+ locations in the cities that we have access to & two locations nearby. we attended two body pump classes [my fave!] & body flow [yoga+pilates]

i baked TWO loaves of cinnamon pull-apart bread [somebody with 4 legs ate the first loaf before i could document it!] & they turned out excellent.

gave myself a bit of pampering with my favorite vegan nail polish! and treated myself to a sandwich from jimmy johns. the sea salt & vinegar chips are one of my favorite things on the planet!

also, we volunteered with the parks department & got to snowshoe along the river for a few hours. it was so beautiful & a lot of fun.

do you have any questions about project life? i dont know tons, but id love to try & answer your questions.
click on the 'project life' tab over there ------------> to see my first week.
also, the '40 loaves' tab will take you through all the bread i have been baking so far this year.

have a great weekend!!