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Monday, February 18, 2013

well, i guess i'll see you later..

hey everybody!
i havent been blogging much [umm, a few times this month?] & i havent been reading many blogs, either.

you see, this whole 'working 3 jobs [60+ hours a week]' thing is really taking up my time.
i get up really early. do job #1. take my dog for a long walk so she doesnt destroy the apartment [doesnt always work]. bike to job #2. be there all day. bike home. do a bit more work for job #1. have a smoothie for dinner [who has time to cook?]. go to the gym for an hour. come home. go to bed. repeat. [1-3 days a week, you can add in job #3 to that equation]
see, i havent had time. to do anything!
to go on dates. to pluck my eyebrows. to bake bread. to cook dinner. to blog. to knit. to hang with friends.
im not complaining ; i knew i would be busy. i knew working three jobs would take up my time.
financially, my student loans are paid off [WOO HOOOO!] & i am getting closer & closer to having our new car paid off.
but with that said ; i just dont have time for anything else.

i have decided to quit job #1. the last day of february will be my last day. [yay!]
and my schedule with job #3 will really slow down in march [yayx2!].
job #2 [my regular full-time job] will stay the same.
march also calls for warmer temps [its suppose to be 0* again tomorrow with wind chills of -25*], cleaner [and safer] roads // bike trails and more time.

so, until then, i will NOT be blogging.
no need to unfollow me ;)  i will be back ; but for the next 10 days, i really need to get my head straight & plow through.

i already have my march blogging plan in the works. i have a ton of great product reviews, tips & tricks on some dietary changes ive been making [gluten-free vegan!], stories on my workout adventures [hot yoga, body pump & learning how to NOT be afraid of the water], plus a bunch of new recipes. also, daphne has been a spoiled monster & wants to share a few of her favorite doggy products!

thanks for reading & sticking around.
ill see you in march ;)